Little estate created by my parents in the middle of the 70's. They both inherited some vineyards around Cramant, Chouilly, Oiry and Avize, and together they purchased more vineyards in the area, as well as in Epernay and Ay.

Traditional viticulture with the first organic trials in 2010. Biodynamic practices have been adopted in all vineyards since 2012. We pursue the least invasive viticulture techniques.

My idea is to apprehend and express the DNA of each area as best as possible. Hence, harvest after harvest, according to my desire and my imagination, I aim to develop different cuvees with their own identity, true to the vintage. I strive to express purity, distinctiveness and why not originality. This is why I created 'parcelles et coups de coeur' (single vineyards and favorites). Each label is the illustration of my feeling of the wine.

The vinification has been elaborated in partnership with Hervé Jestin since 2009. We allow the grapes to fully mature so chaptalization is not necessary. Since 2015, we vinify with no or as little as possible added sulfites. Lightness, verticality brightness, but also joy and blossoming are our favorite themes and what we pursue. Natural balance upon release does not necessarily require dosage, or else a small one.

If I am to resume my formula: nature is very well conceived, there surely is nothing better?!

If I resume, 'devise' - ! - the nature is well done, there's surely not as better than it or her...?!

Philippe Lancelot